2007 Summer IMO Training Camp (07ss005)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Tuesday, July 10 and departing Sunday July 22, 2007


Bill Sands (University of Calgary)


The purpose of the IMO Training Camp is to be an intensive two-week preparation for the six Canadian students attending the upcoming IMO, and also to allow these students to get to know each other well. The location of the IMO Camp is dependent on the location of the IMO, as the students go directly to the IMO from the Camp, and we therefore like to hold the Camp as close to the IMO site as possible. In 2007 the IMO will be in Vietnam, so BIRS would be a very appropriate site for the 2007 Camp.

The 2003 and 2005 Summer IMO Training Camps were held at BIRS, and were a complete success for all concerned, from the point of view of contest preparation, but also because of the chance our Team had to experience the natural beauty of the surroundings. Incidentally our IMO Team in 2003 had one of their best results ever, with two Gold Medals and three Bronze Medals, while the 2005 Team performed nearly as well, with one Gold, two Silvers and two Bronzes. I think that some of the credit can certainly be attributed to the students' time spent at BIRS.

As well as the six student Team members, the Camp will also contain up to 5 adults, most of whom will be going to the IMO with the students. The Camp must end on a particular day, the day when the Team leaves for Vietnam and the IMO. I do not know this date yet. The dates for the 2003 Camp were June 28 to July 10, and for the 2005 Camp were almost the same, June 28 to July 9. In 2007 I expect that the Camp should take place at about the same time, but this information will probably not be available until next summer at the earliest.

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