Participant Testimonials

Feb 20 - Feb 25, 2011

The quality of the workshop is exceptionally high. It will surely bring an important impact on my current research. Through the talks, the informal discussions greatly facilitated by the organization, such as the dining room, lounges, the bar, the party and walks and sightseeing. I came back with at least two new research projects, including one with a new collaborator. During the conference I have also contacted a few people to seek possibilities of hiring my students as future postdocs. This may well end up a solid offer. The impact of such a workshop can't be under-estimated. I can safely say so from many of my professional experiences over many years. Thanks a lot for accepting to hold the workshop at your remarkable center.

Lei Tan professor
Mathematics, Universite d'Angers

My participation in the BIRS workshop impact my research since I could hear new results. I could also get a fresh insight and meet people I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Pascale Roesch mathematics, Univeristé Paul Sabatier Toulouse, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse