Participant Testimonials

Apr 24 - Apr 29, 2011

I also think the organisers did a first-rate job. The conference was of much interest to me. I was very much encouraged by the efforts of the younger researchers in the field. I have already started to follow up a couple of ideas that arose as a direct result of discussions at BIRS, I hope these lead to some fruitful outcome. I hope BIRS will continue to support Algebraic Graph Theory and more generally Discrete Mathematics in the future.

Simeon Ball Matematica Aplicada IV, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Coming to a BIRS conference is always stimulating, both due to the surrounding environment and the mathematical content. During the Algebraic Graph Theory conference the talks covered a wide range of topics that were insightful and have motivated me to pursue some new directions in my research (particularly the talks by Sebi Cioaba and Willem Haemers). Also during the conference I started a new collaboration with Alyssa Gottshall, Kara Greenfield and Michael Young on a problem about a game played on graphs and in the space of a few days we made tremendous product (what would normally have taken several weeks or even months outside of BIRS).

Steve Butler Mathematics, UCLA