Participant Testimonials

Sep 25 - Sep 27, 2015

The workshop gave me an excellent sense of important directions in which Canadian and international research in the statistical sciences is moving.

Hugh Chipman Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, Acadia University

Fantastic site, fantastic venue for a workshop! The CANSSI retreat was very productive. I'm sure that, when we look back 5 years from now, we will agree that the time spent here had a major impact on CANSSI's development.

Alexandre Leblanc Statistics, University of Manitoba

As always, a wonderfully refreshing place to spend a few days. The location is beyond inspiring. And once again I was amazed at the number of busy leaders willing to make the long journey to provide their guidance and advice. It's all about the location!

Nancy Reid Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto

Thanks also from me to Nancy, John and Mary for organizing this event, and BIRS for hosting it. The facilities are BIRS are great in every respect! Hope to be back again soon (next June to be precise). Best, Richard Smith (Director of SAMSI and Chair of the CANSSI Governing Board).

Richard Smith University of North Carolina Chapel Hill