Hybrid Methods in Imaging (15w5012)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, June 14 and departing Friday June 19, 2015


(Columbia University)

(University of Utah)

(Texas A&M University)

Leonid Kunyansky (University of Arizona)

(University of Washington)


The workshop will bring together leading mathematicians, physicists, engineers and experts on biomedical imaging, involved in the development of the most promising "coupled physics" modalities. The topics of interest include Thermoacoustic Tomography, Photo-Acoustic Tomography, Ultrasound Modulated Optical and Impedance Tomographies, Magneto-Acousto-Electric Tomography (MAET) and other magnetic modalities, and Current Density Imaging and Elastography. The workshop can be seen as a follow-up on the very successful workshop on emerging methods of medical imaging held in BIRS in 2009. Significant advances have been made since then both in mathematics of the emerging modalities and in developing new technologies of acquiring the signal.

The main goals of the workshop are (i) to assess the current progress in both theory and technology of the "hybrid" modalities, (ii) to formulate mathematical problems that need to be resolved to meet the outstanding theoretical challenges in this area, and (iii) to facilitate the discussions and interdisciplinary collaborations between the researchers representing different scientific fields. The organizers believe that the proposed meeting is timely (five years will have passed in 2014 since the last large scale meeting on this topics), and that it will lead to significant advances in this important and fast developing are of research.