Participant Testimonials

Feb 02 - Feb 07, 2020

The meeting was certainly inspiring, with many good and some exceptionally interesting talks. There were many discussions. In particular there is a vision coming out of a discussion with Benoit Pausader which we both - independently or together - want to explore: It is striking that most asymptotic equations (like NLS and KdV) for wave propagation are integrable. Is this just a curious fact, or does it have consequences for the approximation on large times scale? What is the relation to the fact that the asymptotic equations like NLS and KdV are part of a integrable hierarchy? While discussing this we found a potential link between these questions. I am grateful for the participation.

Herbert Koch Mathematisches Institut, University of Bonn

The Banff Centre is a wonderful place to do mathematics and collaborate. The facilities are beautiful, the organization very well done and surrounding scenery remarkable.

Jeremy Marzuola Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill