Here is the list of confirmed participants with our guesses as to your primary (capital letter ) and secondary (small letter) interest. These guesses served the organisers as a guideline, but do not commit you to one group or the other. We will have time on the first day of the workshop to establish the working gorups.

Stephen Bailey		A     LBNL Supernovae
Roger Barlow		A
Volker Blobel		C
James Bueno		A
Toby Burnett		C
Jan Conrad		A
Kyle Cranmer		A
Anthony Davison		A
Luc Demortier		A
Don Fraser		A
Joel Heinrich 		A
Zi Jin 			A
Tom Junk		A
Raoul LePage		C
Jim Linnemann		a    C
Richard Lockhart	A
Louis Lyons		A
Eric Marchand		C
Nicolai Meinshausen	C     FDR, sparse data
Xiao-Li Meng		A
Ilya Narsky		a   C
Radford Neal		C
Giovanni Punzi 		A
Nancy Reid		A
Byron Roe		a    C
Wolfgang Rolke		A
Nicola Sartori		A
Reinhard Schweinhorst	C
Bodhi Sen		A
Aneta Siemiginowska     A
Brigitte Vachon
David van Dyk		A
Gunter Zech		a  C