06w5054- Workshop on Statistical Inference Problems in High Energy Physics and Astronomy

PLENARY Session Talks: Sunday, July 16

Plenary sessions will be in Max Bell 159 (Group A and C)

Start at 9.00 am: coffee at 10.15; tea at 15.30

Introductory Talks (159)


Louis Lyons:
Brief Introduction to Particle Physics and typical statistical Analyses

Jim Linnemann:
Monte Carlo Experiments in High Energy Physics

Byron Roe:
Setting the scene for multivariate signal/background separation

Radford Neal:
Statistian's view of the above

Joel Heinrich:
Setting the scene for limits and nuisance parameters

Luc Demortier:
Setting the scene for p-values, including nuisance parameters

David van Dyk:
Statistician's view of the above

Xiaoli Meng:
Dealing with Nuisances: Principled and Ad Hoc Methods