Extreme events in climate and weather

an interdisciplinary workshop

August 22-August 27, 2010






All lectures will be held in Max Bell 159 (Max Bell Building accessible by walkway on 2nd floor of Corbett Hall). LCD projector, overhead projectors and blackboards are available for presentations. Note that the meeting space designated for BIRS is the lower level of Max Bell, Rooms 155-159. Please respect that all other space has been contracted to other Banff Centre guests, including any Food and Beverages in those areas.





Monday: Introduction



8:45-9:00      Introduction and Welcome by BIRS Station Manager, Max Bell 159

9:00-10:00    Peter Guttorp: Introduction to climate modeling

10:30-11:30 Eric Gilleland: Some extreme value problems in climatology

14:00-15:00  Discussion groups.

15:30-17:00 More discussion

17:00-17:30 Group reports:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


Tuesday: Time series extremes


9:00-10:00    Georg Lindgren: Systematic effects of seasonal phase mismatch in extreme value analysis of environmental variables

10:30-11:30 Rick Katz: Extreme value analysis for climate time series

13:30-13:45  Group Photo

13:45-15:00  Discussion groups

15:30-16:30 More discussion

16:30-17:30 Group reports

                     Multivariate extremes

                     Comparing  regional climate models to data

Comparing global climate models to data

20:00-           Posters and beer




                     Palmer a

                     Palmer b




Wednesday: Spatial extremes

9:00-10:00    Zhenyung Zhang: Examining extremal dependence in continental USA climate data

10:30-11:30 Dan Cooley: Models for spatial extremes                   


Thursday: Forests and observing networks

9:00-10:00    Charmaine Dean: Looking for climate change signals in the Canadian forest fire ignition record

10:30-11:30 Paul Whitfield: Observing networks: Precipitation and extreme precipitation

                     Pineapple Express movie

13:30-15:00 Discussion groups. Here is a rough summary of the discussion so far.

15:30-16:30 More discussion

16:30-17:30 Group reports

                     Temporal nonstationarity

                     Spatial nonstationarity

                     Space-time nonstationarity

                     Index numbers                   

20:00-           Posters and beer




Palmer c






Friday: Summary


8:45              Luggage pickup, steps of Corbett Hall

9:00-10:30    Summary of workshop, development of research topics


10:30-11:30 Coffee break and continued discussion

12:00            Last time for checkout