Participant Testimonials

Nov 21 - Nov 26, 2010

The workshop had a definitive influence on my current research. New papers might originate from the workshop, as well as new collaborations,and reinforced links with previous acquaintances.

Sebastien Boyaval Doctor
Laboratoire d'hydraulique Saint-Venant, Universite Paris Est (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)

The last week in Banff was extremely fruitful, thanks to outstanding material accommodations and an excellent scientific program of talks. I met for the first time many colleagues, including french colleagues, I never met before. I work on high order numerical schemes, in particular finite-difference schemes. The applications are not only fluid dynamics (which was the subject of the meeting) but also many other fields: electromagnetism, imaging, etc. The Banff Center is really well designed both from the architectural and functional point of view. Running BIRS in that place is a great achievement for mathematics.

Jean-Pierre Croisille Mathematics, University of Metz

...I quite enjoyed my stay at BIRS. I found everything very well organized and was impressed by the quality of the facility you offer.

Alexandre Ern CERMICS, University Paris-Est

The BIRS workshop was wonderful. The site is magnificent, the lodgings are great. The scientific meeting was interesting, and thanks to the availability of the room downstairs, we were able to work very efficiently during the night with my colleague Robert Eymard and get some new results. Altogether it was a great experience.

Raphaele Herbin Professor
Laboratoire d''Analyse Topologie et Probabilites, Universite d'AIx Marseille 1

I got in contact to people working in my area of research. Some participants could help with more information and some references to learn more about my topic.

Baerbel Janssen Institue of Applied Mathematics, University of Heidelberg

This was truly one of the best meetings that I attended in my career. I was also one of the co-organizers and I must say that the organization in this case was extremely easy. The BIRS staff was very professional and we, the organizers had almost nothing left to do. I must say that BIRS is better (and I heard that opinion from other participants) than Luminy (France) or Oberwolfach (Germany). The workshop affected my research in two ways. First, I started discussions which will yield new collaboration with possibly two researchers. Second, my student J. Keating was able to attend and he probably learned more than what several courses could provide for him.

Peter Minev Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta

The workshop has been a fruitful experience in all respects (meeting new people, knowing knew results, possibly starting new collaborations)

Giancarlo Sangalli Mathematics, University of Pavia

The BIRS workshop on Nonstandard Discretizations for Fluid Flows has a great impact on my own research. Experts on this alive scientific field gave state of the art talks and allowed to get fresh insights in theory and applications. New contacts allowed me to start new and fruitful cooperations.

Lutz Tobiska Prof. Dr.
Mathematics, University of Magdeburg