Participant Testimonials

Mar 21 - Mar 26, 2010

- The BIRS workshop "Deterministic and stochastic front propagation" allowed me to meet many researchers who work on front propagation and who I did not know before. It would have been difficult to meet them otherwise. -In this workshop, I gave a talk. During my talk, I got many interesting questions which can be a good research subject in the future. -During the workshop, I could establish new collaborations. -I could improve my knowledge about front propagation. The talks during the workshop treated the subject from different points of view. This supplied me with new ideas and improved my mathematical intuition. I would like to thank BIRS for giving us the opportunity to join the workshop. I also thank the organizers who made it a very interesting meeting.

Dr. Mohammad El Smaily Mathematics, University of British Columbia

It was a great experience to me, many new insights in my current research with new enlargements towards random process and minimal surfaces. I had some enlightening discussions with other participants and above all the Americans ones I never met before or very rapidly in France. Thanks also to the organisers for such new and useful connections.

Violaine Roussier-Michon GMM, INSA Toulouse