Participant Testimonials

Aug 15 - Aug 20, 2010

The Multivariate Operator Theory workshop helped me find a better perspective toward my own research and that of my student by exposing me to the connections and different points of view from other closely related research currently being pursued by other experts in this area. I felt right at home with just about all of the talks and I feel that the workshop brought me up to the cutting edge of what is going on in this area. The informal discussions outside the lectures (during the regularly scheduled coffee breaks and over the many meals served up by the Institute) were also very valuable.

Joseph Ball Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech

It was a great experience in Banff. The lectures were very good and motivating enough to make you think about pursuing your future research in various fields. This workshop gave me the chance to meet the stalwarts in this field. The people were very encouraging and talking to them were really stimulating. The workshop gives us a fresh insight to the subject and also a view towards current mode of research.

Shibananda Biswas Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore

I found BIRS a wonderful place to visit. I learned a lot while I was there, and was able to share ideas and visions of where we could go. I found the scientific dialogue richer than at a normal conference, and I think the surroundings and facilities contributed to it. It is beautiful, you are taken care of, there are no distractions - we could just think about mathematics.

John McCarthy Professor
Mathematics, Washington U

Indeed, my visit to BIRS was useful and stimulating. The organizers did an excellent job, they succeeded to make a program which satisfied most of the participants. And we all benefited of the location and the superb conditions offered by BIRS. My discussions with other participants concerning the subject of my talk will certainly help me to improve and continue my research. I also appreciated the permanent presence of Brenda, who solved quickly and efficiently our small administrative problems.

Florian Vasilescu Mathematics, University of Lille 1