Participant Testimonials

Sep 05 - Sep 10, 2010

I started a new research project in graph theory because of this workshop, on the study of extremal problems for graph immersions. I have a few initial results using both probabilistic methods and graph coloring methods, and the topic is very interesting. The BIRS workshop allowed for collaboration with several people I would not have otherwise worked with. This may lead to a publication. It allowed me to branch off into interesting topics in graph theory that I don't usually think about.

Jacob Fox Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I benefited much from this particular workshop. Two highlights for me were the following: 1) I had the chance to give a talk at the workshop, and received some very interesting comments on the material I presented. After some discussion with other participants, it turned out that one of my results could be extended to a more general setting. 2) I met another participant which was interested in the open problems I mentioned in my talk. We had the opportunity to discuss the subject in some length, and eventually decided to start a collaboration on that subject. Besides that, I greatly appreciated the various talks, which in general were of very good quality.

Gwenael Joret Departement d'Informatique, Universite Libre de Bruxelles

... I liked and enjoyed the conference a lot. I learned new outstanding results, and talked with great people. It looks that it helped me to advance in at least two problems: one of them is about complete minors of small graphs, and the other is about packing of hypergraphs. It is maybe to early to say how the research on these problems will unfold, but I think that important steps ahead were made during the conference. Also it turned out that some my old results are not that bad ... thank you again for the invitation to such a great place!

Alexandr Kostochka University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign