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Research in Teams at BIRS in 2010

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
10rit143 Convergence of loop-erased random walk to SLE(2) in the natural parametrization 01/17/2010 01/24/2010
10rit141 Theory of Functions of Noncommuting Variables and Its Applications 02/21/2010 02/28/2010
10rit149 Local-global principles for etale cohomology 03/07/2010 03/14/2010
10rit146 H-holomorphic maps in symplectic manifolds 04/11/2010 04/18/2010
10rit135 Boundary problems for the second order elliptic equations with rough coefficients 04/18/2010 04/25/2010
10rit151 Alexandrov Geometry 05/02/2010 05/09/2010
10rit139 Pentagram map, complete integrability and cluster manifolds 05/30/2010 06/06/2010
10rit156 Borel measurable functionals on measure algebras 07/04/2010 07/11/2010
10rit136 Analytic index theory 07/25/2010 08/01/2010
10rit159 Subordination Problems Related to Free Probability 08/15/2010 08/22/2010
10rit160 Research in photonics: modeling, analysis, and optimization 09/12/2010 09/19/2010
10rit158 Derived Category Methods in Commutative Algebra II 10/31/2010 11/07/2010

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