Participant Testimonials

Aug 26 - Aug 28, 2011

In the workshop we gathered knowledge of different fields where the queuing theory can be applied and got to know about a lot of queuing models and other stochastic modeling methods. It will for sure help me in my future studies.

Chamara Devanarayana Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg)

Personally, I learned quite a lot at the CanQueue workshop. In particular, I got a good introduction to the application of queueing in health, and I learned about queueing in radio networks. Both are applications of mathematics to urgent problems of society. The meetings were all well attended, and a significant part of the meetings were used for questions and discussions. In conclusion, I thank BIRS for its support, and I hope you continue your valuable services in the future.

Winfried Grassmann Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan

I received useful feedback and suggestions on two of my current research projects. My doctoral students made contacts with their peers and with top queuing theory researchers. The process of forming a Special Interest Group (SIG) on queuing theory and applications within the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) started during the workshop.

Armann Ingolfsson School of Business, University of Alberta

It was our pleasure to visit BIRS. BIRS is an outstanding center for researchers in order to get together and have scientific discussions. Once again it was an excellent experience for all of participants to be in BIRS as indicated to me. The group of people working with you in both Vancouver, Wynne and Brenda, and in the Station, Kameko and Caroline, did an excellent job for us and we are really appreciate their work.. They manage everything in a high level, nicely. We, as Canadian researcher, should be proud to have a such facilities and I hope in the near future we could visit BIRS for more research activities. Once again, I would like to thank you and your people for helping us to have Canqueue11 in a very nice environment.

Javad Tavakoli Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Okanagan

The workshop helped me a lot. I entered this area 4 months ago and what I am working on is a specified 3-D random walk. I met Dr. Li here and her suggestions about this model are really helpful. And Barbara Margolius's work is interesting for me, maybe I would like to have a try to work on it. Besides, It is the first time for me to see some real applications of queueing theory which are very interesting. Also Dr.Grassmann and Dr.Tavakoli's question about the effects of numerical methods is thought-provoking. And Dr. Zhang gave me some career guide from the prospect of an applicator.

Wenzhe Ye mathematics and statistics, Carleton University