Participant Testimonials

Nov 18 - Nov 23, 2012

I found the workshop very helpful. Met amazing passionate people, so dedicated to helping. I am in the Elder Project in Sooke teaching Kindergarten classes in 3 schools and one on reserve. I realize how important it is to include forms of math in language teaching. Children are so eager to learn; they are so very open at that age. I think your facility there is great. Beautiful setting- my first time there, good introduction to the territory.

Shirley Alphonse Elder

The recent BIRS First Nations Math Education workshop was unlikely to have very much direct bearing on my mathematical research, but I hope that BIRS will continue to host such workshops, which bring First Nations people into better contact with mathematics, and contribute indirectly to mathematical research, since they begin at the roots, in schools, where we are very much in need of help and stimulus. I found this particular workshop very encouraging, as, apart from the organizers, there were many people present who were keen to spread the word, and clearly able to do so.

Richard Guy Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary

This is the second First Nations Mathematics Education workshop I have attended. It was fabulous. The opportunity to collaborate with teachers and elders on mathematical investigations for students was very welcome and would be much more difficult without BIRS support.

Indy Lagu Dr.
Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering, Mount Royal University