Participant Testimonials

Feb 23 - Feb 28, 2014

My participation will greatly impact my future research projects since this WS@BIRS gave me the opportunity to meet new potential collaborations and to elaborate new directions with my existing ones. We have already planned next meetings and cross-fertilization between theoretical aspects and applications. This nice endeavor is coming up! Great place, great workshop, fantastic atmosphere, strong opportunities for future collaborations with new people. The logistic is optimal, the local organization committee is excellent. The atmosphere is "My pleasure is to assist you."

Philippe Ciuciu Principal Investigator, Research Director
NeuroSpin, CEA

The BIRS workshop has an impact on my current research in order to have a fresh insight on some of my research projects.

Nikolai Leonenko Profesoor
School of Mathematics, Cardiff University UK

I have had contacts I would not have had otherwise, with people working on multifractal analysis. With my collaborators and students we are currently working on image retrieval as well as recognition of melanoma lesions. In both subjects we mean to apply multifractal analysis. The workshop has certainly had an influence on this decision. Thank you!

Ana Ruedin Doctor
Computing Department, FCEyN, University of Buenos Aires

I want to thank you for this great week at BIRS. It was a huge opportunity for me to make new contacts and research projects than I wouldn't have had otherwise. Also, now I'm aware of other workshops organized by people I met last week. Thanks again for your enormous work!

Cristian Scarola Departamento de Matemática, IMAS UBA-CONICET

The workshop was really great. The place is a wonderful place to work, with all the equipment (wifi, computers, meeting rooms...) It is a bit soon to know how it will impact my research, but at least one new collaboration might arise from the workshop, and maybe an other one. I also have new contacts I probably would not have had otherwise.

Beatrice Vedel LMBA, Université de Bretagne Sud

This was a great conference. The organizers have done a fabulous job. I find the talks to be a good mixture of theory and Applications. The participants have diverse background, rating from math to physics to engineering. This is very helpful for many of us to learn things form one another. The food and scenery can't be beat, too ;)

Yang Wang Mathematics, Michigan State University