Cohomological Realizations of Motives (14w5074)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, December 7 and departing Friday December 12, 2014


(VU University Amsterdam)

(Center of Investigations in Mathematics)

E. Javier Elizondo (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Ciudad Universitaria)

(University of Alberta)

Paulo Lima-Filho (Texas A&M University)

Deepam Patel (IHES)


This workshop places an emphasis on connecting motives, regulators of algebraic cycles, periods and physics, together with a serious attempt at bridging connections among the various key players. Our goal is to bring together experts who approach these topics from several different directions. We further plan to exhibit the relation between these new directions and the more classical connections between motives, periods, arithmetic and algebraic cycles. In summary, we plan to have leading experts speak on their various points of view. The immense progress in the study of motives, and the many interactions of this theory with numerous other branches of mathematics and physics, has contributed to a certain degree of inaccessibility, especially for graduate students. With the help of supervisors, we anticipate inviting a select number of graduate students and recent PhD's who stand to benefit from this workshop. Indeed we are already aware of a number of graduate students and recent PhDs by name, and although we did not list them explicitly in the participant list, we will certainly seek them out. Similarly, although there is a dearth of female researchers in this subject area, we shall seek out those who are accomplished in this field, as well as the younger generation of assistant and associate professors at the very top of their field of either gender.