Participant Testimonials

Jun 18 - Jun 23, 2017

The workshop was very interesting. I talked to mathematicians I already knew about current and future projects, and I also met new people, in particular young women mathematicians! The organizers scheduled several survey talks - I think that this was very useful.

Eva Bayer-Fluckiger Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

We found the organization, the help of your great BIRS staff, and the conditions for lectures, videos, discussions, the meal plan, and naturally the location -- absolutely superb. This workshop was successful and I believe that it will influence subsequent research in fundamental groups and a number of related areas for quite a few years to come. Definitely new ideas, new teams, and new collaborations have developed because of this workshop, in addition to a strengthening of the already existing very promising research. I cannot overestimate the influence of this BIRS workshop on a number of the participants and on my current and future research, as well as on the research of my graduate students and close collaborators. I cannot imagine any other similar conditions anywhere where this extraordinary effect could be reproduced. BIRS is a unique and truly fantastic place for advancing mathematical research under ideal conditions! Thank you, Professor Nassif Ghoussoub, and thank you also to all of the mathematicians and great BIRS staff people who participate in creating such an amazing environment for carrying out and enjoying mathematical research. We are so grateful to you for this exceptional opportunity!

Ján Mináč Mathematics, Western University