Participant Testimonials

Sep 10 - Sep 15, 2017

My coworkers and I had a great time at BIRS. The venue is a wonderful place for collaborative research, with a discussion-friendly environment and a magnificent location to enjoy in free time. Our workshop was focused on one of my favorite research subjects, and it gathered most of the world specialists in the field from both Europe, Asia and America. As a result, it gave me the opportunity to meet again old friends and colleagues, but also finally meet some other researchers that I had only known from their articles. I will always remember that the selfie picture that 7 of us have taken late at night in some meeting room at the end of a long meeting on an on-going manuscript for Rev. Mod. Phys.!

Iacopo Carusotto INO-CNR BEC Center

The research on electronic, photonic and acoustic topological insulators has reached a certain complexity which makes it difficult to fully comprehend just from published literature. This workshop enable me to meet some of the extraordinary people I only knew from their papers and, by listening to their presentations, to better understand their work and the direction the field is going.

Emil Prodan Physcis, Yeshiva University

The workshop allowed me to meet researchers and hear talks in a field I would like to move towards, and where my contact list was short. It is an exciting research field, and I believe that the workshop will have a significant impact on my future research. I have also started a new research project with Prof. Lindner from the Technion.

Gil Refael Physics Department, California Institute of Technology