Participant Testimonials

Jun 24 - Jun 29, 2018

My participation in the BIRS workshop created a motive to write a new paper as well as a new research project. In fact, (a) During the coffee break just after my talk, Marc Chardin kindly made a frank comment about the argument in my talk. His suggestion, in fact, can make our proof much elegant and, as a result, yields a motive to write a new paper. (b) Talking to Adam Van Tuyl over lunch about a conjecture on edge ideals, he agreed with me about making a new joint research project on regularity of edge ideals. Even though each of us have written a lot of papers on edge ideals, I have never had an opportunity to have a conversation with him. This is one of the most productive benefits gotten from participating in the workshop.

Takayuki Hibi Professor
Pure and Applied Mathematics, Osaka University