Participant Testimonials

Sep 08 - Sep 13, 2019

The workshop was very timely and helpful. Many of the important leaders in the field (operator algebras and dynamics) were present, including five of my present collaborators! (With three of them---Gong, Lin, and Niu---I am just finishing a definitive classification paper---arbitrary well behaved until simple C*-algebras---Elliott invariant!---that we intend I think to submit to the Annals.)

George Elliott Canada Research Chair
Mathematics, University of Toronto

This is my third workshop at BIRS. Each time, this had been a great occasion to meet my younger colleagues and to discover first hand their work. They are amazing and demonstrate the vitality of the subject. They undoubtedly bring new results and fresh insights. These workshops have indeed initiated new collaborations and reinforced some research projects.

Jean Renault Mathematics, Universite d' Orleans

It was very interesting conference. Especially, it was impressed for me that many researchers talked about my strategy applying von Neumann algebraic methods to C*-algebras in the Toms-Winter conjecture, which might be regarded as one of the main topics in this conference. This experience in the BIRS conference would push my research forward to get a new sight. I would like to thank organizers very much.

Yasuhiko Sato Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University