Participant Testimonials

Jun 23 - Jun 28, 2019

The workshop was great, with very interesting talks spanning a wide variety of research topics. I had the opportunity of discussing new ideas with several people (not among my previous and current collaborators), which will likely lead to new joint projects.

Giovanni S. Alberti Department of Mathematics, University of Genoa

The workshop was excellent. I am very impressed by the infrastructure of BIRS. Everything is so well organized. During the workshop, I was able to get connected closer in terms of research and with colleagues in my field, including two from my own institution. One of them decided to co-organize a mini-symposium at the upcoming SIAM conference on imaging science.

Weihong Guo Associate Professor
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Case Western Reserve University

My participation in the BIRS workshop, indeed, helped me to come up with a new insight on the problems that I have been working on. Not to mention, this workshop brought together researchers around the world for intensive discussions and sharing ideas and results under such a cosy and relaxing environment. I had not known most of the participants before the workshop, however, I now have them in my contact list. It is always great to meet great scholars for further insight on my research. This workshop was great.

Yunho Kim Assistant Professor
Mathematical Sciences, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology - South Korea

It was a very interesting workshop. I have learned things (for instance, concerning deep learning and innovative medical imaging modalities) that will influence significantly my research.

Peter Kuchment University Distinguished Professor
Mathematics, Texas A&M University