Time-like Boundaries in General Relativistic Evolution Problems

Videos from BIRS Workshop 19w5140

, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
- 11:03
Initial boundary value formulation for neutron star magneto- spheres
Watch video | Download video: 201907291030-Carrasco.mp4 (336M)
, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo
- 12:36
Well-posed initial boundary value problem for the Einstein field equations in harmonic coordinates
Watch video | Download video: 201907291133-Sarbach.mp4 (465M)
, University of Otago
- 09:48
Global simulation of the non-linear perturbations of a Schwarzschild black hole
Watch video | Download video: 201907300902-Frauendiener.mp4 (456M)
, Sorbonne Université
- 11:34
A review of the initial boundary problem in GR and geometric uniqueness
Watch video | Download video: 201907301028-Smulevici.mp4 (876M)
, Caltech
- 12:30
Implementing higher-order absorbing boundary conditions for Numerical Relativity
Watch video | Download video: 201907301138-Buchman.mp4 (483M)
, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon
- 15:52
The hyperbolicity of constrained Hamiltonian systems with application to the IBVP in GR
Watch video | Download video: 201907301502-Hilditch.mp4 (490M)
, Yamaguchi University
- 09:58
Vacuum Boundary Problem of the Metric Produced by Perfect Fluid Mass Distributions
Watch video | Download video: 201907310905-Makino.mp4 (491M)
, Monash University
- 11:24
Dynamical relativistic liquid bodies: local-in-time existence and uniqueness
Watch video | Download video: 201907311032-Oliynyk.mp4 (449M)
, Stanford University, Mathematics Department
- 10:00
Asymptotic properties of linear field equations in anti-de Sitter space
Watch video | Download video: 201908010901-Luk.mp4 (925M)
, Queen Mary University of London
- 15:53
Correspondence and Rigidity Results on Asymptotically Anti-de Sitter Spacetimes
Watch video | Download video: 201908011501-Shao.mp4 (427M)
, Cambridge
- 17:19
Uniform boundedness and continuity at the Cauchy horizon for linear waves on Reissner--Nordström--AdS black holes
Watch video | Download video: 201908011631-Kehle.mp4 (763M)
, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
- 10:01
Quantization on timelike hypersurfaces in curved spacetime
Watch video | Download video: 201908020904-Oeckl.mp4 (501M)
, Albert Einstein Institute Potsdam
- 11:13
Orthogonality of Kerr quasinormal modes
Watch video | Download video: 201908021032-Green.mp4 (362M)