Participant Testimonials

May 05 - May 10, 2019

I had the chance to present my results to leading researchers on the field. They could give me new input what to work next on. Also, I made new contacts with people I had not met before. Furthermore, I have a better overview over the research field now. Since I am only in my second year of the PhD this had been a truly fruitful experience for me.

Benjamin Aslan University College London

This workshop organized at CMO was very intense. It was a very effective way to catch up about the current research and be ahead of curve. The organizers organized the days around four lectures by junior people in the field, allowing for ample time for collaborations. I am leaving super excited, with a bag full of new research problems, and with new connections across the world.

Benoit Charbonneau Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo

The workshop was well organized and it was possible to have many useful discussions with other participants.

Anna Fino Full Professor
Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita di Torino

The workshop did a great job of disseminating ongoing and current research in the subject of G2 geometry. There were several talks by researchers new to the field, the majority of which focussed on ongoing research rather than published papers. This helped me and other participants gain a sense of the direction in which the subject is travelling. My PhD student gave a talk. This opportunity certainly enhanced his career prospects, and subsequent discussions that he had with experts in the field have influenced his future research plans. On a personal level, the workshops allowed me to make progress in an ongoing collaborative research project and to start a new collaboration. The workshop proved an ideal forum to discuss important open problems and future directions for this research area.

Derek Harland Associate Professor
School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

My experience organizing a workshop at the CMO in Oaxaca was excellent. The facilities were great, the staff was incredibly helpful, and the food was exceptional. I would certainly do it again. The workshop itself was also great. We made a point of showcasing the work of junior participants which I believe resulted in an environment full of energy and enthusiasm.

Spiro Karigiannis Associate Professor
Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo

The meeting on G_2 Geometry and Related Topics was a lively and very successful event. It was incredibly stimulating mathematically, and it was great to hear so many PhD students give excellent talks, both from the viewpoint of presentation skills and academic content. In general, there was a large amount of interaction between participants, and particularly notable was how much the PhD students and other early career researchers were having mathematical conversation both with each other and with established researchers. The workshop has given me many research ideas going forward and has re-invigorated several current collaborations, where we have decided to pursue new lines of research as a result of the workshop. In conclusion, it was great to interact with the next generation of researchers in the field, to hear about the latest development and fresh ideas. The future of the area certainly seems very bright indeed.

Jason Lotay Professor of Pure Mathematics
Mathematics, University of Oxford

This workshop enabled me to meet a new crowd of people and establish contacts which will certainly be important in the future. I also discovered a field of research that was almost entirely new for me and this should lead to new opportunities of collaborations.

Eric Loubeau Université de Bretagne Occidentale

This was an excellent workshop! The substantial number of junior participants and speakers resulted in vibrant and stimulating exchanges of ideas. Personally, I received a number of interesting questions in relation to `toric geometry of exceptional holonomy manifolds' that I am hopeful will lead to concrete projects. I met a number of young researchers with overlapping interests and hope that we will keep exchanging ideas at future events.

Thomas Madsen Lecturer
School of Computing, University of Buckingham

The conditions are great and prompt a great and relaxed environment to the exchange of ideas.

Gonçalo Oliveira Universidade Federal Fluminense

The workshop I attended is well organized. I had some discussion with people working in different aspect, and have found some possible directions during the workshop.

Chung-Jun Tsai Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan University