Participant Testimonials

May 26 - May 31, 2019

The workshop on geometry of polynomials in May 2019 was very interesting and friendly. I could interact with several researchers and in particular with M. Putinar (UCSB at Santa Barbara) we have decided to start a joint research on a new approach for a variant of the Nevanlinna probem. In addition I have also initiated a collaboration with Bachir El-Khadir (PhD student at princeton) on the Moment-SOS approach for a certain problem in Robotics.

Jean-Bernard Lasserre Directeur de Recherche au CNRS
LAAS-CNRS and Institute of Mathematics, LAAS-CNRS 7, Toulouse

My time at BIRS was wonderful. Since the workshop consisted of a small group of people, I got a chance to interact with participants to a greater extent than at a large conference. Such an opportunity helps tremendously for people early in their careers (such as myself). The conversations I had laid the groundwork for new projects, with new collaborators. It was also a great time to consult with area specialists regarding some longer-standing ideas I had yet to explore.

Riley Murray PhD student
Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Caltech

The BIRS workshop is wonderful!

Jiawang Nie Mathematics, University of California San Diego

The workshop last week was a great success. Very informative, light and yet deep, with a lot of young gifted participants. Freindly atmosphere, open for unconstrained math exchanges. I was and continue to be part of this group for about twenty years (with seniors such as Bill Helton, M-F Roy, Claus Scheiderer, J-B Lasserre) and it is ressuring to see that the field of real polynomials is gaining momentum. On the math-personal side, I had some interaction with Petter Branden and Rainer Sinn, with whom I may continue digging into the unknown. Thank you for making this encounter possible. As always, BIRS was an excellent site to develop our activities.

Mihai Putinar Mathematics, UCSB

This was a key workshop in the very active research area at the intersection of convex and algebraic geometry. The talks were exceptionally high quality, and I have learned many new ideas from the presentations and discussions with colleagues. As the result of the workshop, I believe I have significantly deepened my understanding of the geometry of key objects involved in my ongoing research project, and I also learned new tools and references that may help me make further progress. This is due to the possibility to ask key research questions to the leading experts in the field, and also thanks to the well-structured program: a significant amount of free time between talks allowed for additional discussions, reading and thinking.

Vera Roshchina Senior Lecturer
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New South Wales