Participant Testimonials

Jan 12 - Jan 17, 2020

The workshop in mathematical glaciology was just what my research trajectory needed. Having been recently distracted by other topics and tools, it reminded me of the main questions and it re-connected me to my colleagues and what they are are working on.

Ed Bueler Mathematics and Statistics, University of Alaska Fairbanks

We’ve just finished our workshop this week and on the way back to the airport now. I’ll follow up with a report in the coming weeks, but just want to express huge thanks for supporting this workshop! We’ve had uniformly positive reactions from the participants - many senior people saying it’s the best meeting they’ve ever been to. We’ve had a great variety of talks - all with overrunning discussion - but more importantly I think everyone really valued the time to chat copiously over coffee and meals, etc. The venue is obviously fantastic, everyone was super-impressed with the technology, and with the ease of making new connections. Thanks to you all!

Ian Hewitt University of Oxford