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Focussed Research Groups at BIRS in 2020

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
20frg248 Noncommutative Boundaries for Tensor Algebras 03/01/2020 03/08/2020
20frg241 Mathematical Modelling and Machine Learning for Phonetics **POSTPONED** 04/19/2020 04/26/2020
20frg258 Predicting and Preventing Wellbore Leakage **POSTPONED** 05/10/2020 05/17/2020
20frg240 Novel fluid/structure/field (FFSI) modeling framework in the context of ion channels (Postponed) 05/31/2020 06/07/2020
20frg264 Dynamics of Biopolymers across Multiple Scales (Cancelled) 07/19/2020 07/26/2020
20frg243 Studying PDE Dynamics via Optimization with Integral Inequality Constraints (Postponed) 07/26/2020 08/02/2020

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