Diophantine Methods in Algebraic Dynamics (Cancelled) (21w5190)


(University of Cambridge)

Thomas Tucker (University of Rochester)

(Brown University)

(UBC and PIMS)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "Diophantine Methods in Algebraic Dynamics" workshop in Banff from August 1 to August 06, 2021.

Algebraic dynamics is the study of discrete dynamical systems on algebraic varieties. It has its origins in complex dynamics, where one studies self-maps of complex varieties, and now encompasses dynamical systems defined over global fields.

In recent years, researchers have fruitfully investigated the latter by applying number-theoretic techniques, particularly those of Diophantine approximation and geometry, subfields which study the metric and geometric behavior of rational or algebraic points of a variety. The depth of this connection has allowed the mathematical arrow between the two fields to point in both directions; in particular, arithmetic dynamics is providing new approaches to deep classical Diophantine questions involving the arithmetic of abelian varieties. This workshop will focus on communicating and expanding upon the connections between algebraic dynamics and Diophantine geometry. It will bring together leading researchers in both fields, with an aim toward synthesizing recent advances and exploring future directions and applications.

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