Fundamental Groups and their Representations in Arithmetic Geometry (Online) (Cancelled) (21w5210)


(University of Alberta)

(Sorbonne Université)

(University of Pennsylvania)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "Fundamental Groups and their Representations in Arithmetic Geometry" workshop in Banff from July 4 to July 09, 2021.

In arithmetic geometry, one studies solutions to polynomial equations defined with arithmetically interesting coefficients, such as integers or rational numbers. One way to study such objects, which has seen tremendous success in the last several decades, is by investigating their symmetries. Quite surprisingly, in several interesting situations, many of the geometric and arithmetic properties of the objects in question are actually controlled by the object’s symmetries.

Unfortunately, it is usually impossible to study these symmetries directly with current technology. To get around this, mathematicians working in this area often study simplified (often linearized) versions of the symmetries in question, which still capture a significant amount of information about the given object. This workshop will bring together both senior and junior researchers, including graduate students, postdocs, and leading experts, who study objects of geometric and arithmetic origin from the point of view of their symmetries and their linearized variants.

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