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2 Day Workshops at BIRS in 2023

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
23w7101 Charting a Future for Emerging Infectious Disease Modelling in Canada 01/19/2023 01/22/2023
23w2006 Alberta Number Theory Days XIV 03/31/2023 04/02/2023
23w2012 Ted Lewis SNAP Math Fair Workshop 04/28/2023 04/30/2023
23w2004 Stochastic Modelling of Big Data in Finance, Insurance and Energy Markets 05/19/2023 05/21/2023
23w2008 Alberta-Montana Combinatorics and Algorithms Day 06/23/2023 06/25/2023
23w2014 Open-Source Tools to Enable Geophysical Data Processing and Inversion 07/28/2023 07/30/2023
23w2013 2023 Math Attack Summer Camp for Girls 08/18/2023 08/20/2023
23w2007 Emerging Mathematical Challenges in Synthetic Biological Network Design 08/25/2023 08/27/2023
23w2015 Mathematical Challenges in Adaptation of Quantum Chemistry to Quantum Computers 09/01/2023 09/03/2023

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