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5 Day Workshops at BIRS in 2017

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
17w5048 Transport in Unsteady Flows: from Deterministic Structures to Stochastic Models and Back Again 01/15/2017 01/20/2017
17w5018 String and M-theory geometries: Double Field Theory, Exceptional Field Theory and their Applications 01/22/2017 01/27/2017
17w5066 Combinatorial Reconfiguration 01/22/2017 01/27/2017
17w5140 Data-Driven Methods for Reduced-Order Modeling and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations 01/29/2017 02/03/2017
17w5046 Newton-Okounkov Bodies, Test Configurations, and Diophantine Geometry 02/05/2017 02/10/2017
17w5104 Mathematical Approaches to Evolutionary Trees and Networks 02/12/2017 02/17/2017
17w5025 Validating and Expanding Approximate Bayesian Computation Methods 02/19/2017 02/24/2017
17w5036 Brain Dynamics and Statistics: Simulation versus Data 02/26/2017 03/03/2017
17w5165 Optimization and Inference for Physical Flows on Networks 03/05/2017 03/10/2017
17w5146 New Trends in Arithmetic and Geometry of Algebraic Surfaces 03/12/2017 03/17/2017
17w5147 Communication Complexity and Applications, II 03/19/2017 03/24/2017
17w5131 Statistical and Computational Challenges in Large Scale Molecular Biology 03/26/2017 03/31/2017
17w5116 Mostly Maximum Principle 04/02/2017 04/07/2017
17w5078 Generated Jacobian Equations: from Geometric Optics to Economics 04/09/2017 04/14/2017
17w5023 Geometric Structures on Lie Groupoids 04/16/2017 04/21/2017
17w5079 Quantum Field Framework for Structured Light Interactions 04/23/2017 04/28/2017
17w5110 Phase Transitions Models 04/30/2017 05/05/2017
17w5043 Topological Methods in Brain Network Analysis 05/07/2017 05/12/2017
17w5141 Rigorous Numerics for Infinite Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamics 05/07/2017 05/12/2017
17w5012 Algebraic Combinatorixx 2 05/14/2017 05/19/2017
17w5074 Recent Advances in Discrete and Analytic Aspects of Convexity 05/21/2017 05/26/2017
17w5065 Arithmetic Aspects of Explicit Moduli Problems 05/28/2017 06/02/2017
17w5099 Mathematical Analysis of Biological Interaction Networks 06/04/2017 06/09/2017
17w5152 Connections in Geometric Numerical Integration and Structure-Preserving Discretization 06/11/2017 06/16/2017
17w5112 Nilpotent Fundamental Groups 06/18/2017 06/23/2017
17w5057 Mathematical Approaches to Interfacial Dynamics in Complex Fluids 06/25/2017 06/30/2017
17w5045 Diophantine Approximation and Algebraic Curves 07/02/2017 07/07/2017
17w5107 Challenges in the Statistical Modeling of Stochastic Processes for the Natural Sciences 07/09/2017 07/14/2017
17w5123 Women in Control: New Trends in Infinite Dimensions 07/16/2017 07/21/2017
17w5068 Mean Dimension and Sofic Entropy Meet Dynamical Systems, Geometric Analysis and Information Theory 07/23/2017 07/28/2017
17w5108 Topological Data Analysis: Developing Abstract Foundations 07/30/2017 08/04/2017
17w5007 Latest Advances in the Theory and Applications of Design and Analysis of Experiments 08/06/2017 08/11/2017
17w5083 WIN4: Women in Numbers 4 08/13/2017 08/18/2017
17w5154 Geometric and Structural Graph Theory 08/20/2017 08/25/2017
17w5149 The Analysis of Gauge-Theoretic Moduli Spaces 08/27/2017 09/01/2017
17w5127 Future Targets in the Classification Program for Amenable C*-Algebras 09/03/2017 09/08/2017
17w5144 Photonic Topological Insulators 09/10/2017 09/15/2017
17w5090 Lattice walks at the Interface of Algebra, Analysis and Combinatorics 09/17/2017 09/22/2017
17w5162 Symmetries of Surfaces, Maps and Dessins 09/24/2017 09/29/2017
17w5118 $p$-adic Cohomology and Arithmetic Applications 10/01/2017 10/06/2017
17w5072 Computational Uncertainty Quantification 10/08/2017 10/13/2017
17w5003 New Perspectives in Representation Theory of Finite Groups 10/15/2017 10/20/2017
17w5119 Stochastic Analysis and its Applications 10/22/2017 10/27/2017
17w5097 Automorphic Forms, Mock Modular Forms and String Theory 10/29/2017 11/03/2017
17w5145 Forest and Wildland Fire Management: a Risk Management Perspective 11/05/2017 11/10/2017
17w5133 Approximation Algorithms and the Hardness of Approximation 11/12/2017 11/17/2017
17w5061 Nonlinear and Stochastic Problems in Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction 11/19/2017 11/24/2017
17w5059 Partial Order in Materials: at the Triple Point of Mathematics, Physics and Applications 11/26/2017 12/01/2017
17w5153 Inferential Challenges for Large Spatio-Temporal Data Structures 12/03/2017 12/08/2017
17w5164 Mathematics for Developmental Biology 12/10/2017 12/15/2017

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