BIRS Scientific Director Search

Posted on Thu, Nov 21 2019 17:15:00
The Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery invites applications or nominations for the position of Scientific Director for a five-year term commencing July 1, 2020 or as soon as convenient thereafter.

BIRS is an independent research station located on the campus of the world-renowned Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff, Alberta. The station fosters collaborative and cross-disciplinary research in the mathematical sciences through intense scientific interactions in a magnificent mountain setting complete with full accommodation, board and modern facilities.

A joint Canada-US-Mexico initiative, BIRS is funded by the governments of Canada, USA, Mexico and Alberta. BIRS has recently expanded its programs to include two affiliate stations, Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO) in Mexico and IAS-Hangzhou in China. In total, BIRS and its affiliated stations host more than 3500 researchers from 400 institutions in over 60 countries who participate in well over 100 different programs. Major programming is week-long intense workshops with the stations also accommodating two-day weekend meetings and multi-week working meetings for small groups. See for more information about the station.

Candidates should be active researchers in the mathematical sciences with high international stature, strong interpersonal and administrative skills, and have enthusiasm and a vision for the station. A letter of application together with a CV and names of three references should be sent to [email protected]. Expressions of interest or nominations are welcome and can also be sent to this address. Women and members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. BIRS is committed to creating a diverse environment and is an equal opportunity employer.

The Search Committee will consider dossiers on or about December 15, 2019. After that date, applications and nominations will be considered until the position is filled.

*Scientific Director Position Profile
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*Search Committee

Ozgur Yilmaz appointed deputy director of BIRS

Posted on Tue, Nov 12 2019 13:32:00
The Board of Directors of the Banff International Research Station (BIRS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Ozgur Yilmaz, as deputy director of BIRS for a two-year term, effective November 1, 2019.

Ozgur Yilmaz is a professor of applied mathematics at the University of British Columbia. His research interest is primarily in the areas of mathematics of information and data, He received a PhD in applied and computational mathematics from Princeton University in 2001. He currently serves on various editorial boards including the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. Dr. Yilmaz is a member of the UBC Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM) and the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS). He also serves on the Executive Committee of the UBC Data Science Institute.

The Board of BIRS extends its sincere thanks to Professor Yilmaz for agreeing to take on this leadership role.

Nassif Ghoussoub, FRSC, OC
Scientific Director, Banff International Research Station

2021 BIRS program in Banff, Oaxaca, and Hangzhou: Call for proposals

Posted on Thu, Jun 06 2019 15:07:00

La version française suit ci-dessous.  La versión española sigue abajo. 中文译本如下.

The Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS) is now accepting proposals for its 2021 program. BIRS will again be hosting a 48-week scientific program at its station in Banff, and an additional 25 workshops at its affiliated station, Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO), in Mexico. And in a pilot project, BIRS is also hoping to continue hosting up to an additional 10 workshops in its newly affiliated research station, the Institute of Advanced Studies in Hangzhou, China.

The mandate of BIRS is to provide an environment for creative interaction and the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and methods within the mathematical, statistical, and computing sciences, and with related disciplines and industrial sectors. Each week, the station hosts either a full workshop (42 people for 5 days) or two half-workshops (each with 21 people for 5 days). As usual, BIRS and its affiliated facilities provide full accommodation, board, and research facilities at no cost to the invited participants, in a setting conducive to research and collaboration.

The deadline for 5-day Workshop and Summer School proposals is Monday September 30, 2019.

Proposals need to take into account BIRS commitment to increasing the participation of women and other under-represented groups in mathematical sciences research and their applications. Full information, guidelines, and online forms are available at the BIRS website:

In addition BIRS will operate its Research in Teams and Focused Research Groups programs, which allow smaller groups of researchers to get together for several weeks of uninterrupted work at the station. September 30, 2019 is also the preferred date to apply for these programs. However, proposals for projects involving Research in Teams or Focused Research Groups can be submitted at any time – subject to availability – they must be received at least 4 months before their requested start date.

Proposal submissions should be made using the online submission form.   Please use:

Nassif Ghoussoub, OC, FRSC
Director, The Banff International Research Station


Version francaise:

La station internationale de recherche en sciences mathématiques de Banff (BIRS) lance un appel à projets pour l’année 2021. Le centre accueillera de nouveau un programme scientifique de 48 semaines à Banff, et 25 ateliers supplémentaires dans son centre affilié, Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO), au Mexique. Un nouveau projet pilote permettra à BIRS d’accueillir jusqu’a 10 ateliers supplémentaires à l’Institute of Advanced Studies de Hangzhou en Chine.

La mission de BIRS est de mettre à la disposition de la communauté scientifique internationale un environnement de recherche qui favorise les interactions et les échanges d'idées et de connaissances entre les membres des communautés mathématiques, statistiques, informatiques ainsi que leurs applications dans les sciences et dans le secteur industriel.

En 2021, BIRS compte accueillir au moins un atelier standard (42 personnes pour 5 jours) soit deux demi- ateliers (21 personnes pour 5 jours) par semaine. BIRS et ses centres affiliés fournissent aux participants invités une infrastructure de recherche appropriée, ainsi que le logement et les repas dans un cadre convivial, propice aux échanges d’idées et aux collaborations scientifiques.

La date limite pour le dépôt des dossiers concernant les ateliers et les écoles d'été est fixée pour lundi 30 septembre 2019.

Les candidats sont priés de prendre en consideration que BIRS s’engage à accroître la participation des femmes et d'autres groupes sous-représentés dans la recherche en sciences mathématiques et de leurs applications. Des informations complètes ainsi que les formulaires à remplir en ligne sont disponibles sur le site Internet

De plus, BIRS continue de mener ses programmes de Recherche en Equipes (RIT) et de Groupes de Recherche (FRG), qui permettent à des équipes de chercheurs de se retrouver dans la station pour plusieurs semaines afin de mener à bien un projet de recherche en collaboration. Les dossiers de demandes pour ces programmes doivent – de préférence – être déposés aussi avant le 30 septembre 2019. Cependant, les dossiers concernant ces deux derniers programmes (FRG et RIT) seront également acceptés à tout autre moment à condition qu’ils soient soumis au moins 4 mois avant la date à laquelle le projet est supposé débuter.

Les dossiers de candidature doivent être soumis sur Internet à l'adresse suivante:

Nassif Ghoussoub, OC, FRSC
Directeur, Banff International Research Station


versión española:

La Estación de Investigación Internacional de Banff para la Innovación y el Descubrimiento (BIRS) matemático esta aceptando propuestas para su programa de 2021. La estación recibirá nuevamente un programa científico de 48 semanas, además de 25 talleres adicionales en su estación afiliada, la Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO) en México. Y como parte de un proyecto piloto, BIRS también espera organizar –comenzando en el otoño del 2020- hasta 10 talleres adicionales en una nueva estación afiliada, el Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en Hangzhou, China.

La estación tiene como misión proporcionar un ambiente de interacción creativa y de intercambio de ideas, conocimiento y métodos dentro de las ciencias matemáticas, estadísticas y computacionales así como de disciplinas relacionadas y de sectores industriales. Cada semana, la estación tendrá o un taller completo (42 personas por 5 días) o bien, dos talleres parciales (cada uno con 21 personas por 5 días). Como es la costumbre, BIRS y sus centros afiliados proveen la infraestructura de investigación apropiada, así como el alojamiento y las comidas para los participantes, en un marco de convivialidad, propicio al intercambio de ideas y a las colaboraciones científicas.

La fecha limite para propuestas de talleres de 5 días y la escuela de verano es lunes, 30 de Septiembre, 2019.

Tienen las Propuestas que Tener en Cuenta que Comprometido BIRS this tiene Aumentar la Participación de las Mujeres y Otros Grupos en las Ciencias subrepresentados matemáticas Investigación Y Sus Aplicaciones. Mas información, reglas y formatos estan disponibles en el sitio del BIRS:

Ademas de esto, BIRS propicia trabajos de equipo y en programas de grupos de investigación enfocados a un tema en especial, lo cual permite que los investigadores se reúnan durante varias semanas sin interrupciones en la estación. El 30 de septiembre de 2019 es también el día más conveniente para solicitar estos programas. Sin embargo, este tipo de propuestas pueden ser presentadas en cualquier momento – sujeto a disponibilidad – y deberán ser recibidos por lo menos 4 meses antes del día propuesto para el inicio.

Las propuestas deberían hacerse por medio del formato en linea que se encuentra en:

Nassif Ghoussoub, OC, FRSC
Director, Estación de Investigación Internacional de Banff



班芙国际数学创新与发现研究站(BIRS)现正接受 2021年工作坊的提案申请。 BIRS将再次在位于班芙的研究站举办为期48周的工作坊,并在其位于墨西哥的合作研究站 Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO)举办另外25个工作坊。 作为试点项目,BIRS亦将与中国杭州的数学高等研究院继续合作, 期望在杭州另加举办最多10个工作坊。

BIRS的使命是让数学、统计、计算机科学及其相关科研和工业界之跨学科的交流与合作,提供优美合适的环境有利于推动思想交流和创新的互动。BIRS每周都会举办一个为期五天的工作坊 (5-day workshop: 为期5天的42人工作坊)或两个较小规模的工作坊(为期5天的21人工作坊)。 像往常一样, BIRS及其合作研究站均会为受邀参与者提供工作坊期间的免费食宿、研究设施和协作场地。

5天工作坊和暑期学校提案的截止日期是 2019年9月30日 ( 星期一 )。

工作坊的提案必须考虑到 BIRS一向致力于增加女性和其他代表性不足的群体在数学科学研究及其应用上的参与。 申请详情、申请指南和在线表格请参阅BIRS网站:

此外,BIRS也将接受研究小组 Research in Team (RIT) (2-4人)和 Focused Research Group (FRG) (5-8人)之申请,这些计划容许较小的研究团队聚集在一起,在研究站进行为期数周的研究工作。 2019年9月30日也是申请这些计划的建议日期。 有兴趣的申请人也可以随时提交RIT或FRG的项目提案 - 视情况而定 - 但是必须在其要求开始的日期之前至少4个月提交。


Nassif Ghoussoub, OC, FRSC
主任, 班芙国际数学创新与发现研究站

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