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Gender Inclusive Language

United Nations  Guidelines for gender inclusive language  
  University of North Carolina Tips and tools for gender inclusive language  

Inclusive Conference Organization

University of Oxford Best practices guide: Developing inclusive conferences Introductory
  PNAS Evaluating the prelevance and quality of conference codes of conduct  Advanced
  University of British Columbia Intentional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Decision-Making  
  University of British Columbia Designing a Toolkit to Support Diverse Conference Design  
  Harvard Business School Be a better ally  
  American Institute of Physics Resolutions, Policies and Best Practicies  

Inclusive Teaching

University of British Columbia Documentation:Inclusive teaching  
  Princeton University Inclusive teaching for diverse scientific workforce  

Inclusive Research

NSERC NSERC guide on integrating equity, diversity and inclusion considerations in research  
  Stanford University Gendered Innovations  
  DORA The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment  
  The National Academies of Sciences/Engineering/Medicine Promising Practices for Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine  

Eco-Friendly Conference

University of Birmingham, UK Eco-Friendly Conferences and Events: Your Complete Guide  Introductory
  United Nations Actions to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of a Conference Introductory
  Nature Communications Climate-Friendly Conferences Advanced

Understanding Bias

American Physical Society Confronting Bias  Introductory