Administrative Management

  • Scientific Director:  BIRS Scientific Director is responsible for the overall functioning of the Station.  The Director ensures that all scientific activities are run at the standards and with the integrity expected by its sponsors and granting councils and foundations.  The Director acts as ambassador and public representative of BIRS.  The Scientific Director is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board and reports to the Board of Directors on all administrative and scientific matters.

  • Administrator:  The Administrator manages and budgets all financial matters, oversees human resources and ensures the continued smooth operation of BIRS scientific activities.

  • Scientific Program Assistant:  The Assistant provides administrative and program support to the Scientific Director, performs website maintenance and compiles BIRS publications and scientific reports from workshops.

  • Scientific Program Coordinator:  BIRS Program Coordinator manages all administrative aspects of scientific programs, workshop organization and invitations, communicates with participants and organizers prior to and after workshops, and supports the proposal review process.

  • Station Manager:  BIRS Station Manager is responsible for all logistical, hospitality and operational aspects of the workshops once participants are on site and for day-to-day management of all scientific events at BIRS. Station manager is the main point of contact for participants and organizers during the workshop.

  • Station Facilitator:  BIRS Station Facilitator is responsible in assisting Station manager of smooth operations of the station, co-ordination with Banff centre, and for day-to-day running of the scientific events at BIRS inclusive of hospitality operations.

  • Technology Manager:  BIRS Technology Manager provides all information technology services for BIRS, including technical support for BIRS participants and administrative staff.