NSF, NSERC, CONACyT and Alberta announce funding for BIRS for 2016-20

Posted on Fri, Feb 10 2017 10:00:00

Today, the Governments of Canada, US, Mexico and Alberta announced their support for the advanced mathematical sciences research conducted at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS). The press release is linked below.

BIRS Funding Announcement at University of Calgary

This funding announcement is the result of a successful evaluation of BIRS undertaken jointly by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), Canada’s Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Mexico’s CONACyT, and Alberta Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. The highlight of the review was a joint site visit to BIRS by the 4 granting agencies, that showcased the support of an international mathematical sciences community at its best. BIRS is thankful to the following math scientists, community and academic leaders, who actively participated in the site visit.

Doug Mitchell (Chair of the BIRS Board of Directors),
Jack Davis (Interim President and CEO of The Banff Centre),
Janice Price (Incoming President and CEO of The Banff Centre),
Arvind Gupta (President, UBC),
Jackie Sturm (VP-Intel),
Alejandro Adem (Director, Mitacs),
Jim Colliander (PIMS Deputy Director),
Jose Seade (Director, IM-UNAM),
Frank Maurer (Associate VP-Research, U. of Calgary),
Carlos Aramburo (VP-Research, UNAM, Mexico),
Glen Baker (Associate VP-Research, U. of Alberta),
Luc Devroye (McGill),
Mark Lewis (U. Alberta),
Alex Brudnyi (U. Calgary),
Nancy Reid (U. Toronto),
Luc Vinet (CRM, Director),
Walter Craig (Fields Institute, Director),
Gerhard Huisken (Director, MFO, Oberwolfach),
Gang Tian (Director, Beijing International Center for Mathematics Research),
Fadil Santosa (Director, IMA),
Skip Garibaldi (Associate Director, IPAM),
Jose Antonio de la Pena (Director, CIMAT and CMO),
Richard Smith (Director, SAMSI),
Jacques Hurtubise (Chair of Math, McGill),
Mark Bauer (Chair of Math, U. Calgary),
Kumar Murty (Chair of Math, U. Toronto),
Mike Bennett, Chair of Math, UBC),
Arturo Pianzola (Chair of Math, U. Alberta),
Charmaine Dean (Dean of science, Western Ontario),
Ron Irving (Chair of Math, U. Washington ),
Ian Frigaard (President, Can. Applied and Ind. Math. Soc.),
Lia Bronsard (President of Canadian Mathematical Society),
Robert Bryant, President of American Math. Society),
John Petkau (President of Statistical Society of Canada),
Pavel Exner (President, European Mathematical Society),
Kristin Lauter (President, Association for Women in Math),
Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez (President, Mexican Math. Soc.),
Elon Lindenstrauss (Hebrew University of Jerusalem),
Robert Guralnick (U.Southern California),
Dan Coombs (UBC),
Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research),
Gunther Uhlman (U. Washington),
Vivek Goyal (Google),
Mary Pugh (U. Toronto),
Gordon Semenoff (UBC),
Randy Goebel (U. Alberta),
Jeff Streets (University of California Irvine),
Peter Topping (University of Warwick),
Toby Wiseman (Imperial College London),
Eric Woolgar (University of Alberta),
Eleonora di Nezza (Imperial College),
Mauro Carfora (University of Pavia),
Anthony Quas (U. of Victoria),
Shamgar Gurevich (U. of Wisconsin-Madison),
Marjorie Senechal (Smith College),
Rachel Pries (Colorado State Univ.),
Malabika Pramanik (UBC),
Chris Rose (E&CE, Rutgers),
Doug Van Derwerken (Duke University),
Peter Hislop (U. of Kentucky)

Nassif Ghoussoub, Scientific Director
The Banff International Research Station

BIRS Press Release.pdf