BIRS Live Stream for: Lattice walks at the Interface of Algebra, Analysis and Combinatorics

Current talk: Alin Bostan of INRIA, Algorithmic proof for the transcendence of D-finite power series
scheduled for today between 10:30 and 10:55 MDT [2017-09-19T10:30:00.00-06:00]

Upcoming Talks

Below are the next few upcoming talks, not necessarily those that will be broadcast. We encourage participants to record and broadcast their talks, but it is up to them to press the button.

Today between 11:30 and 11:55 MDT [2017-09-19T11:30:00.00-07:00]
Stephen Melczer of University of Waterloo & ENS Lyon, Lattice Path Enumeration and Analytic Combinatorics in Several Variables
Today between 14:00 and 14:55 MDT [2017-09-19T14:00:00.00-07:00]
Boris Adamczewski of Institu Camille Jordan & CNRS, Diagonals, congruences, and algebraic independence
Today between 15:30 and 15:55 MDT [2017-09-19T15:30:00.00-07:00]
Jason Bell of University of Waterloo, S-units and D-finite power series
Today between 16:00 and 16:25 MDT [2017-09-19T16:00:00.00-07:00]
Shaoshi Chen of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Power series with coefficients from a finite set
Today between 16:30 and 16:55 MDT [2017-09-19T16:30:00.00-07:00]
Torin Greenwood of Georgia Institute of Technology, Multivariate Algebraic Generating Functions: Asymptotics and Examples

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