BIRS Live Stream for Workshop: Dynamics and C*-Algebras: Amenability and Soficity

Current talk: Marius Dadarlat of Purdue University
scheduled for today between 16:30 and 17:20 MDT [2014-10-20T16:30:00.00-06:00]

There is presently no live broadcast from BIRS.

Upcoming Talks

Below are the next few upcoming talks, not necessarily those that will be broadcast. We encourage participants to record and broadcast their talks, but it is up to them to press the button.

Tomorrow between 09:40 and 10:30 MDT [2014-10-21T09:40:00.00-07:00]
Yasuhiko Sato of Kyoto University
Tomorrow between 11:00 and 11:50 MDT [2014-10-21T11:00:00.00-07:00]
Karen Strung of University of Münster
Tomorrow between 14:00 and 14:50 MDT [2014-10-21T14:00:00.00-07:00]
N. Christopher Phillips of University of Oregon
Tomorrow between 15:20 and 16:10 MDT [2014-10-21T15:20:00.00-07:00]
Zhuang Niu of University of Wyoming
Tomorrow between 16:20 and 16:50 MDT [2014-10-21T16:20:00.00-07:00]
Timothy Rainone of Texas A & M University

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