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What They're Saying About BIRS

“BIRS is a unique venue and most effective in the small seminar series where one gets to know everyone. I am pursuing joint research now with a facu...”  read more testimonials >>

Important Notice for BIRS visitors not holding a Canadian or US passport: New entry to Canada requirement now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to Canada.

Upcoming Events

Focused Research Group: Towards Spacetime Entanglement Entropy for Interacting Theories   Mar 31 - Apr 07, 2019
BIRS Workshop: Multivariable Spectral Theory and Representation Theory   Mar 31 - Apr 05, 2019
BIRS Workshop: Precise computation of quantum amplitudes   Apr 05 - Apr 07, 2019
Research in Teams: Analysis and Geometry of Several Complex Variables   Apr 14 - Apr 21, 2019
BIRS Workshop: Probing the Earth and the Universe with Microlocal Analysis   Apr 14 - Apr 19, 2019
BIRS Workshop: Quantum Walks and Information Tasks   Apr 21 - Apr 26, 2019
BIRS Workshop: Ted Lewis SNAP Math Fair Workshop   Apr 26 - Apr 28, 2019