Prior to Your FRG/RIT/SS Workshop


Prior to your FRG/RIT/SS at BIRS you, the organizer, should be receiving a letter of information requesting a list of participants and detailing the information contained on this page.

Invitations to BIRS events are made by BIRS. Thus we will handle the actual mailing of the invitations, as well as accumulating the responses, providing you with online access to the status of your participants.

Participant List Submission/Status

Travel Grants for Participants

Information about travel funding from MSRI for USA citizens/permanent residents who are postdoctoral scholars or tenure(-track) faculty at MSRI academic sponsor institutions can be found by sending an email to [email protected].

Other travel support to BIRS may also be available from MITACS and IM-UNAM. For more information, please contact these organizations directly.

Notice of change under PIMS Travel Support to BIRS

Over the past five years, PIMS committed substantial financial resources to offset the cost of travel to the Banff International Research Station, and to help facilitate the participation of young Canadian mathematicians in the BIRS scientific program.

This is to inform the Canadian scientific community that in view of the success of BIRS in recent years, and the need to redirect funds to other under-funded initiatives, PIMS will no longer be able to offer travel support to BIRS conferences. This change will take effect starting April 1, 2008.