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All Meetings at UBCO in 2024

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
24w5313 Homological Perspective on Splines and Finite Elements 05/19/2024 05/24/2024
24w5273 Propagation and Stability in Evolution Equations 05/26/2024 05/31/2024
24w5307 Quantum Circuit Design Automation 06/02/2024 06/07/2024
24w5277 New Trends and Challenges in Stochastic Differential Games 06/23/2024 06/28/2024
24w5220 Branching Problems for Representations of Real, p-adic and Adelic Groups 07/07/2024 07/12/2024
24ss004 PIMS-BIRS-UBCO Summer School on Forecasting and Mathematical Modeling for Renewable Energy 07/14/2024 07/26/2024

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