Jacklyn Sturm

Jackie Sturm is vice president of the Technology and Manufacturing Group and general manager of Global Sourcing and Procurement at Intel Corporation. Sturm is responsible for Materials Sourcing and Procurement for Intel's Technology Development and Global Manufacturing, outsourced products and all contracting, materials, services, and outsourcing, associated with Intel-wide business needs for construction, design, development, marketing, IT and administration, including travel and benefits. She leads the Technology and Manufacturing's Ethics Committee, is a member of Intel's Ethics and Compliance Oversight Committee, and directs Intel's Supply Chain Environmental and Social Governance program.

Formerly, Sturm was vice president of Finance, for the Technology and Manufacturing Group and NAND Solutions Group and chair of the Intel Micron Joint Venture Board of Managers. Sturm is a passionate advocate of manufacturing and engineering as economic foundations for global competitiveness. As part of her commitment to the Sciences, R&D and Mathematics, Sturm is a member of the Board of the Banff International Research Station for Advanced Mathematics and the Center for Advanced Procurement (CAPS).

Sturm has been at Intel since 1993 and in that time has held various positions including vice president Finance, for Technology and Manufacturing and NAND Systems Group, Intel Capital, New Business Group and Intel Communications Group. Prior to Intel, she worked for Hewlett Packard, a RISC start up (Ridge) and Apple Computer.