Participant Testimonials

Jun 12 - Jun 17, 2011

I have enjoyed this conference enormously, and I am grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to give a talk to such a distinguished audience. It was quite satisfying to see triangulated categories bring together researchers from such varied subjects, and I had a great number of stimulating discussions with several of them. For instance, I have started right then a collaboration with Goncalo Tabuada which has already produced a preprint ("Morita homotopy theory of C*-categories"). At least one other collaboration started then is still in incubation.

Ivo Dell'Ambrogio Fakultät für Mathematik, Universität Bielefeld

The conference was wonderful, and I felt like I came away with several new ideas for research projects. Some new results did originate during the conference, from discussions with other participants.

Dan Dugger University of Oregon

I belonged to the smallest group of the participants, algebraic geometers. But other participants were very friendly, and I got some familiarity to the subject, the category theory. Of course the participation to a conference did not have an immediate impact, but I believe that the new connections made at the conference will have a long term impact.

Yujiro Kawamata Prof
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

The conference was a great success. I learned a lot about triangulated categories in different domains of application, esp. in algebraic topology, an area which will become increasingly important in my future research. I also made interesting new contacts, and had the opportunity to discuss with experts some ideas related to the work I presented at the conference. This will have a very positive impact on my research in the very near future, and is also likely to result in new collaborations.

Wendy Lowen Prof
Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Universiteit Antwerpen

This workshop brought decisive new ideas for several projects I have been working on. I view triangulated categories as a link between my field, noncommutative geometry, and homotopy theory and representation theory. I find it very stimulating to meet experts in these other fields because o their complementary interests. The lecture by Strickland allowed me to connect previous work of mine on bivariant K-theory for certain diagrams of C*-algebras to May's axioms for tensor triangulated categories. This showed the way for a joint project with Tabuada to understand these axioms. I got several representation theorists interested in the hereditary exact categories that I constructed in this work on diagrams of C*-algebras, which may lead to future collaboration. I happened to meet Ferdinando Muro who knows a lot about strictification of symmetric monoidal categories, which is exactly what I needed to understand the question of uniqueness of differential extensions of cohomology theories.

Ralf Meyer Mathematisches Institut, Universitat Gottingen

The subject of the workshop was a very interesting one. Most speakers talked about their latest discoveries. I got much feedback after my talk. The organizers managed to gather an interesting group of people. I am happy because I managed to attract the interest of some experts in module theory to open problems in that area that arose in my research on algebraic topology. In discussions with another participant which focuses on differential geometry and analysis, we have come to solve an open question about the uniqueness of differential cohomology theories. I have also met there for the first time to some keynote researched that previously I only knew from references. Overall, I am very satisfied with my participation in the workshop, I do think it will be very influential in the direction that my future research take.

Fernando Muro Dr.
Algebra, Universidad de Sevilla