Participant Testimonials

Sep 22 - Sep 27, 2013

We found that BIRS was a wonderful and very well organized host for our workshop, in what was of course a very stimulating and beautiful environment. The workshop was very focused and went very well.

Achim Kempf Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo

I certainly enjoyed the meeting and especially had some really productive conversations both with Ralf Schuetzhold ( which is not surprising since he is my former post doc and we are writing a book together, part of which we worked on while at BIRS-- it was great in that it gave us uninterrupted time to work together) and with M Hotta, whom I had met before but with whom I had some very stimulating and intense discussions, and we will probably be writing a paper together. So thanks again.

Bill Unruh Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia