Participant Testimonials

Aug 30 - Sep 04, 2015

The BIRS workshop was very stimulating and of high quality, as usual. The environment is perfect for doing research and collaborate with colleagues. New collaborations or papers may originate from the workshop.

Xavier Cabre Matematica Aplicada 1, ICREA and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

The kindness offered to us by all the personal is very much appreciated and the good atmosphere that the center inspires is excellent. This time I had the opportunity of meeting many colleagues that I knew about their existence and work but I had never met personally before. I have learnt a lot in the field of elliptic equations in which I have worked only a little so far, as most part of my research in PDEs (either deterministic or stochastic) dealt with parabolic equations. For sure I am very grateful to Michel and Itai for having invited me to this workshop. I can only express now my gratitude for all the great work that BIRS is doing and that I am sure will keep doing in future.

Tomas Caraballo Ecuaciones Diferenciales y An. Num., Universidad de Sevilla

Excellent hospitality, and great work conditions.

Petru Mironescu Institut Camille Jordan, Universite Claude-Bernard (Lyon I)