Participant Testimonials

Jun 14 - Jun 19, 2015

This workshop was an excellent focused week on Hybrid Imaging, putting together practioners and theoreticians of the field for their mutual benefit, and certainly mine. The talks were of excellent quality. I heard for the first time talks from leading actors that I had read before but never interacted with (Mark Anastasios and Alex Oraevsky in particular). The topic is by essence multidisciplinary and transversal to various areas of mathematics, from signal processing to PDE via harmonic analysis and numerical analysis. No mathematician can master an expert knowledge of all the fields involved, and it was crucial to hear direct from leading experts in each field about the state of the art in the various areas involved.

Yves Capdeboscq Prof
Mathematical Institute, University Of Oxford

I found the workshop exceptionally interesting and useful. Based on results I learned at the meeting and on results that I presented, I started a new collaboration with one of the participants, Gen Nakamura, and may have two other collaborations with two other participants. The venue for interaction is excellent. I particularly note the ability of participants to eat (delicious food) together and discuss the days presented results as well as get to know one another better. The environment is beautiful and through outside activities encourages even more discussion.

Joyce McLaughlin Mathematical Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The preparation for my talk and giving the talk gave me a good opportunity to clarify and locate my research. By discussing with one of my collaborators, I found a new problem. Also, it was really by a chance from a someone's talk that I got an idea to start my new research which excites me a lot. So, this workshop was a very useful and important workshop for me.

Gen Nakamura Professor
Mathematics, Inha University

BIRS' workshop was very interesting and productive in terms of establishing future collaboration projects between developers of the optoacoustic imaging technology and mathematicians, who provide new algorithmic approaches.

Alexander Oraevsky R&D, TomoWave Laboratories