Participant Testimonials

Sep 13 - Sep 18, 2015

This was a great conference, with excellent participants, excellent talks. Important hot topics were discussed during the talks, as well as the informal discussions. It was very useful for my own research projects. First of all, the feedback during and after my talk, and some more in depth discussions later with some of the participants. I did establish some new contacts. I also think that this was very positive for a postdoc of mine who attended the conference. I do think that it can positively influence her job prospects.

Eva Bayer-Fluckiger MATHGEOM CSAG, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

It is my great pleasure to tell you that as usual, I enjoyed my staying at BIRS very much. During the workshop I started a new project with my old coauthor Alexander Merkurjev related to the norm principle. We had a lot of discussions on this topic and hopefully it will lead us to proving the norm principle in full generality.

Vladimir Chernousov Math. Sciences, University of Alberta