Participant Testimonials

Sep 06 - Sep 11, 2015

This conference attracted many famous specialists (some of them are first to meet for me) and outstanding colleagues, like ICM 45's invited speakers: Etingof, Andruskiewtsch, etc. Many talks were full of asking questions and making comments by audiences (Etingof was one of the most active), the researching atmosphere was quit active and excited and stimulated. During the conference I had many chances to talk with old freinds: Heckenberger, Andruskiewitsch, Majid, James, etc.; some people I seldom see, and some new colleagues, whose work I was familiar with, especially I met and talked with some new friends whose research interests are close to mine. This is quite nice. Some hot topics CFT, QFT, fusion categories, classification problems have lots of overlaps or interactions with representation theory of Hopf algebras, quantum groups and tensor categories. All of these actually satisfy my recent years' research interests. Actually I find that this is the exact group for my research field. In the coming years I have been invited to attend a couple of international conference organized by Andruskiewitsch in Argentina in Feb. of 2016, and a workshop organized by Anduskiewitsch, Heckenberger, Schneider and so on in Obwalfahr 2017,... It was exciting that this conference arranged round tables, in which, seniors together with juniors could discuss their research concerns with some open questions, etc. Luckily, in the last round table chaired by Andruskiewitsch, I got the last 20 minutes to talk as the last one of the freedom speakers and proposed two open questions. I like such an active workshop and like to get into familiar with many colleagues who this time hadn't talked too much. Please convey my regards and thanks to the organization committee... Hopefully I'll get more chances to attend the related conferences or workshops they will organize.

Naihong Hu Department of Mathematics, East China Normal University

The stay at BIRS was wonderful: I received the latest research ideas, and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Di-Ming Lu Mathematics, Zhejiang University

The workshop provided a forum for mathematicians in various stages of their career to interact and to learn from each other. I have learned a lot from the speakers as the participants of the workshop.

Siu-Hung Ng Mathematics, Louisiana State University

The workshop is very good. I have some new research project. And I have contacts with research. Thanks for organizers and workers in Banff Center.

Yanhua Wang School of mathematics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics