Participant Testimonials

Mar 22 - Mar 27, 2015

I think it was a wonderful and very well organized workshop. I had the opportunity to start new collaborations. The conditions at Banff Center are amazing!

Pedro Antunes University of Lisbon

I enjoyed very much participating in the workshop "Laplacians and Heat Kernels: Theory and Applications". I liked the quality and diversity of the talks, and of course the opportunity to meet and interact with old and new colleagues. The facilities of BIRS and the Banff centre are extraordinary.

Rafael Benguria Physics, Pointificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

This was one of the most interesting conferences I have attended in years, and I believe it might bring some profound insights to my research. I was also able to make contacts with great people and seed new collaborations.

Michael Bronstein Prof
Faculty of Informatics, University of Lugano

This workshop led to several new collaborations, and taught me a large amount about new perspectives on heat kernels. And Banff is a pretty nice background to learn in as well.

Alexander Cloninger Applied Math, Yale University

I guess it is a little too early to say which aspects of my own research will get out of this workshop . I certainly enjoyed the workshop a lot, even though I am probably somewhat more of an insider. In particular, the part concerning the applications of analysis techniques for studying large dimensional data and getting concrete applications. In one instance, I got from a lecture a suggestion of a question that I could try to solve in the future.

Guy David Mathematiques, Universite Paris XI, France

This was an exciting week in an amazing place. All communications were excellent and of very high level, and the setting allowed for exchanges and interaction between the participants. BIRS is without any doubt one the best locations I know to hold such a meeting, the staff efficiency is outstanding. Overall, it was a highly productive, fruitful and stimulating experience.

Marcel Filoche Directeur de recherche CNRS
Physique de la Matière Condensée, Ecole Polytechnique; France

Always a pleasure to be at Banff. I heard for the first time the talks by Mayboroda, Filoche, David and Jerison on eigenfunction concentration, that was quite inspiring, I will probably give a survey lecture on this a few times in the next few months. I also started a new paper with Pedro Antunes from Lisboa at the conference, not sure how long it will take.

Dmitry Jakobson Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

Great center, wonderful workshop, I wish I can visit more.

Rongjie Lai Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

It was indeed a successful workshop, and during the week another participant and I (Bartek Siudeja) proved a couple of interesting theorems. We will acknowledge the support from BIRS when we write up this research. Thank you for the work you do, keeping this magnificent institution running!

Richard Laugesen Mathematics, University of Illinois

I found last weeks workshop at BIRS very stimulating: the range of topics was quite broad, and the talks were on the whole of good quality. It also allowed me to work with some colleagues notably Antoine Henrot. However, I also had some interesting discussions with several other participants. The facilities at BIRS are first class, and the surrounding scenery spectacular. This was my second time at BIRS, the first visit was in 2004. I very much hope it wont be my last !

Michiel van den Berg Mathematics, University of Bristol