Participant Testimonials

Apr 29 - May 04, 2018

The workshop was very informative. It brought together participants from different areas of analysis related to Banach lattices. This has led to new ideas and projects. In my case, the workshop has originated a work on a new paper.

Eduard Emelyanov Middle East Tech University

The conference was excellent! The organization was superb. The organizers succeeded in gathering a group of accomplished researchers, and gave them time and space for formal and informal interactions.

Timur Oikhberg Research Associate Professor
Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana

I found this workshop very stimulating for my current research and some other topics I am familiar with. For example, I found new insights on convergence of power series due to the very informing talks of Gerard Buskes, which led to making immediate contact with the attending researchers Mark Roelands and Chris Schwanke. I also had academic discussions with Timur Oikhberg and Frederick Dashiell. I look forward to further contribute on those themes. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to meet some participants that could collaborate with me or otherwise help me in my career. Many thanks to the organizers.

Sofía Ortega Castillo Matemáticas Básicas, CIMAT