Participant Testimonials

Oct 20 - Oct 25, 2019

The workshop at Banff was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Our group consisted of researchers from different mathematical backgrounds, none of which have collaborative work with the other. I actually was not too familiar with the proposed topic which I have been interested in for some time. The group leaders did a fantastic job introducing us all to the subject and explaining the proposed problems. Members of the group worked perfectly well with each other. We spent valuable time immersed in research, focusing on the work and able to get some new results. We are planning on meeting again in the summer as a group in order to move the work forward and maybe finalize a manuscript.

Sabine El Khoury Mathematics, American University of Beirut

During the workshop, I started a new collaboration with six other women. We plan to write a paper on the results we obtained. Moreover, this looks like it will be a longer collaboration and we will continue to work on questions which naturally arise from the results we obtained while at BIRS. The work that we did during the workshop is an interesting synergy of different techniques that I and other participants are expert in. I had the opportunity to learn new techniques and start working in a new topic. Being at BIRS together was instrumental for getting this collaboration started. I also started talking to two younger researchers who do work related to some work of mine with an interesting twist. We has a few discussions during the workshops and came up with a problem of common interest. A new collaboration may start from this. Certainly I have made new scientific contacts.

Elisa Gorla Prof.
Mathematics, University of Neuchatel